Blunders that have done Wonders


veer zaara

VEER ZARA a cult romantic typical Yash Raj Films have done wonders with the business of their times, well honestly i love Shah Rukh Khan & i think he is undoubtedly the best actor of our times, but seriously what he was thinking when he had signed that crap.

Alright in VEER ZARA Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh (SRK) quits his job just to meet Zara Hayat Khan (Preity Zinta). Like seriously how one can left his so honored & respectful career, where in India loads of people paying a lot of money oh i mean working really hard to serve our country.

The next biggest idiotic thing happens when an emotional mother of Zara Mrs Maryam Hayat Khan (Kirron Kher) having teary eyed requesting Veer to fuck of melts Veer’s heart and he decides to do the same not realizing that fuckhead had left his job for Zaara & they’re not done yet another great actor chartered Raza Sharazi (Manoj Bajpayee) goes with a fucking senseless threat to Veer & convince him to get arrested for the sake of Zara’s family here’s a thought what about Veer’s family (Amitabh Bachan & Hema Malini) back home just because they weren’t the real parents Veer didn’t gave a fuck.

& just when you’re thinking that it is the end of all this senseless shit you are wrong “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost” representing naari shakti Zara hayat khan also touch up when in the end she was living in Veer’s house, I mean kya chutiyapa hai woh wahan baitha ro rha hai ye yahan baithe aahein bhar rhi hai & that too for 22 years i mean if you’re a filmmaker you can do everything but please at least try to put some sense.

All these things written up there are seriously for laughs and not to disrespect anyone.

By – Prateik Dwivedi


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