‘Dishoom’ Movie Name or to The Story….



Here we are to review the John Abrahm, Varun Dhawan starrer DISHOOM where Jacqueline Fernandez also plays as the lead heroine.

Ok ! so if you are going in to watch the film thinking that the director had directed DESI BOYZ it will be a huge disappointment comparing this very cliche’ two cop film with a cult like DESI BOYZ, Well as a fan of John i didn’t get anything new from this movie though whatever that he had done was really believable cause he had done it in the past whereas Varun was exceptional in some parts specially when it comes to comedy & also is looking very vulnerable as a failed cop who is constantly chasing a pug to complete his first mission.

The movie is set up somewhere in the middle east, the final of India vs Pakistan is going to be happen in next 36 hours and the star batsmen gets kidnapped, well the story was really believable when the trailer came out but the story of the movie was so weak that it seems so damn easy for the heroes to rescue this cricketer, honestly i didn’t think that the part of the villians were that convincing whether it is Akshay Khanna or Rahul Dev but i don’t have anything against them but the script.

The script felt so weak to its second half with the kind of the plot they had in the Ist half  else it would’ve done wonders. What i really feel is that the big star-cast of the film tried too artificial things whether it is JOHN-VARUN bare body scene or the useless dance no. of Jaqueline & Parineeti. Young filmmaker like Rohit Dhawan should try to learn the expertise of good film making instead of playing it safe.

By- Prateik Dwivedi




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